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Who We Are

Axalin Healthcare offers a full suite of solutions that are designed to improve operational efficiencies, customer retention and reduce expenses

A Solid Foundation With the Flexibility You Need..

Axalin’s revenue cycle transformation service begins at the intersection of individuals, process and technology. Incorporated by RCM experts within the industrial expertise of 20+ years, our expertise and breakthrough technology has helped customers across the health care industry achieve greater agility, scale and financial health.

As a premier business process management (BPM) partner, Axalin has delivered superior medical coding and billing services to hospitals, physician groups and billing companies across the country. Our team of revenue cycle experts are armed with years -worth of domain expertise, and a proven track record of accelerating performance to achieve high-quality outcomes.

A partnership with Axalin is the embodiment of an outcomes-based approach where we align goals to meet strategic milestones, while delivering the highest quality of service.


To build and deliver services and technologies that our customers will find useful, economical and powerful. To delight our current and prospective customers with innovative and ingenious solutions to their everyday business challenges.


To be regarded as the best-choice partner for healthcare organizations looking to enhance the competitiveness, efficiency and productivity of their operations.

Values / Culture

Foster an environment of trust, sharing, rewards and integrity, amongst stakeholders and the community. Value relationships with all our partners, employees and customers. Respect and command respect in each of our engagements. Enable a work culture that encourages team effort, ownership, conflict resolution and responsibility, for the well-being of every stakeholder and our environment.